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Adobe Premiere
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Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very powerful real-time, timeline based video editing program. It is a part of well known Adobe Creative Suite, a collection of software for graphic design, real-time video editing and web design applications of Adobe Systems, while you can buy separately each program. Premiere Pro can work with many video editing cards and plug-ins for fast processing, additional format of files support, and impressing video and audio effects. Creative Suite 5 (CS5), it is a first version of native 64-bit application for Mac and Windows. It becomes one of the few cross-platform non-linear editing systems available. Creative Suite 5 will not work on 32-bit operating systems.s

Premiere Pro works fine with high resolution video up to 10240х8192, & up to 32-bits per channel colo, editing of sample-leve audio, VST audio, and 5.1 surround sound mixing. Premiere Pro supports QuickTime and DirectShow, as well as muchy of video and audio file formats. 3D editing in Adobe Premiere is distinguishing feature of similar non-linear editing systems..

Premiere Integration

After Effects

Premiere Pro integrates with Adobe After Effects through Adobe Dynamic Link. Its mean that compositions of After Effects can be imported to the Premiere timeline. For example, if you make changes in After Effects, the clip in Premiere will be updated too. Premiere Pro project also can be imported into After Effects. Clips can be copied between this applications with constant clip attributes. Premiere Pro supports much of After Effects plug-ins.

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