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Супер After Effects. Полный комплект (2013)

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обучающий видеокурс по After Effects на русском языке

Первый полноценный обучающий видеокурс по After Effects на русском языке. Этот видеокурс создавался практиками и для практиков. Мы сами когда-то начинали с нуля и до сих пор помним то ощущение беспомощности, когда не знаешь, как создать какие-то элементарные вещи, а помощи искать негде.


Broadcast Lower Thirds - After Effects Tutorial

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Broadcast Lower Thirds

Broadcast Lower Thirds

In this tutorial we are going to focus mostly on the simple built in tools in After Effects to create a nice broadcast looking lower third design. You are going to see how can create awesome designs using masks, gradients, shadows and bevels and more.

Timewarped Logo Reveal - After Effects Tutorial

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Timewarped Logo Reveal

Timewarped Logo Reveal

In this After Effects tutorial, we will only use the standard plug-ins After Effects. Consider the process of separating the layer into several parts and nuances of the control of their geometry. Use the filter script and Card Dance Ease and Wizz. We apply the Timewarp filter to slow down and CC Vector Blur for smoothing.


Handy Workflow After Effects Tips — Tutorials AE

Handy Workflow After Effects Tips

Handy Workflow After Effects Tips

After Effects tutorial on the editor basic features.
Language: English

Wicked Heat Wave - After Effects Tutorials

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Wicked Heat Wave

Wicked Heat Wave

In this After Effects tutorial we will look at quite a simple way to add distortion to the video as during the midday heat with Fractal noise effect.
Language: English


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Download After Effects projects (AE, aep) you can now at in the "After Effects Projects" section. A wide variety of projects: wedding, baby, cartoon, corporate, advertising, trailers, intros and other After Effects projects. What is a "project for After Effects"? This is ready-to-use template (project) for further editing in the eponymous editing, compositing and special effects program - Adobe After Effects.

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